Honeybee Removal — 12 Comments

  1. Do you have some members near Lexington who will remove a honeybee hive that just swarmed and started a hive (within the last 24 hours) inside my house siding?

  2. Looking for someone to remove bees from my home. They appear to be behind the siding. I live in eastern panhandle of WV

  3. Looking for someone to remove swarm of (reportedly) honeybees at my property in Staunton, 316 east Beverley. Swarm is under the bay window down the alley running down the side of the house. Anyone to help?

  4. Do you have some members near Crozet who will remove honeybees? They are flying in and out of the house through the drain holes on the bottom of my sliding doors and possibly starting a hive. Thank you!

  5. A friend was walking in Gypsy Hill Park yesterday, May 2, and saw a “rather large honeybee hive in a tree”. If anyone is interested in going after it, or wants more details, text or call me at 540-292-0688 during business hours.

  6. I have a honeybee swarm in my lilac bush. Is there anyone close to Timberville, VA that could come and gentley remove the bees?

  7. Hello,
    We have a honeybee hive in our soffit, wall, or attic. They are going through a hole in the soffit.We are not sure how big it is. We are looking for someone to come out and access this hive and remove them if possible.

    We are Luray, VA right in the middle of Town.

    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Not sure if you received help yet with your bee removal problem, but I just wanted to direct you to some beekeeping associations that may be closer to you, we have no members up in your area. You may want to try the Shenandoah county Beekeepers, Scott Currie is their President, There is also supposed to be a Page County Beekeepers Association with a website,, where you can leave contact information. Hope this helps and sorry for the delay.

  8. I’m looking for someone to remove (but not harm) a honeybee hive at my home in Strasburg, VA. The hive is about the size of a football, and is attached to the underside of a fairly low-hanging walnut tree branch, directly over the driveway.

    I would really appreciate any assistance you can provide.
    Thank you.

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