Pollenator Seed Mix

Honey Labels

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Bees.

Michael Bush taped videos from his seminar in Fishersville on Saturday, April 18th.

bees_DGIF_sign_DRAFT.pdf contains design ideas contributed by Jason and Bettina for the 24″ by 36″ honey bee pollinator sign the SVBA donated to the DGIF pollinator garden at Lake Shenandoah. Feel free to comment on the proposed sign designs.

Evolutionary Drivers towards Colony Life. How the whole colony society, i.e. the “superorganism”, probably evolved:

Polyandry as an Aid to Colony Strength. Research where the queen is bred with 15, 30 or 60 drones:

Staunton Parks & Rec 2014 Beekeeping Course Slides
Sustainable BeeKeeping Day 1
Sustainable BeeKeeping Day 2
Sustainable BeeKeeping Day 3
Sustainable BeeKeeping Day 4
Sustainable BeeKeeping Day 4 – Honey Extraction

SVBA on National Public Radio – June 2, 2014
VSBA_Newsletter_2014 September


Beneficial Nematodes for Hive Beetle Control

Ted Pysell’s slides of how to make mead (Send questions to Ted @

How Honeybees Communicate

2012-2013 Honeybee Loss Survey Results

Pollen Sources

Spikenard Farms, Floyd, VA

Virginia Honey Processor Certification Form

Virginia State Apiarist – (

Hive Plans for?Langstroth?and?ObservationHive

Organization Website
VA State Beekeepers
Billy Davis – Queen Rearing
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