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  1. Visitors are always welcome at our third Thursday of the month meetings. You may inquire with our treasurer, Sue McKown, at the next meeting about your membership status. And be sure to take a look at our extensive club library when you visit if you want to learn quickly about keeping bees. Our next meeting is Thursday, May 21, at 6:30pm at the Tinkling Springs Presbyterian Church in Fishersville.

  2. Talked to Bill and Sharon (I believe that was her name) at the Rockingham County fair. We discussed speakers as we in the Page Valley are interested in good speakers. Can you pass this onto him? Thanks, Melissa Clark

  3. Hi Sue, my name is Kathy adler. I am oving to northern va. ,we are looking at a house in bentonville, and I was wondering how far it would be to where you are. I am a member of the Bristol county bee keepers asso., but haven,t had bees yet. I really want to this once we move there. Any info would be helpful. Thanks so much.

    • Kathy,
      Our meetings are in Fishersville which is about an hour and half from Bentonville. You may be better off going with the Beekeepers of Northern Shenandoah,, they meet at the Blandy experimental Farms, which is about 40 minutes from Bentonville.

  4. Hi!

    I am interested in joining the association. I think I have read the website clearly and understand that what I should do is show up for the third Thursday of the month meeting. Is that correct?

    With thanks,


    • Yes. As of this month, we are meeting at a new location on the third Thursday of the month @6:30pm – in the Houff Library of Blue Ridge Community College in Weyers Cave. Houff next to (or behind) the Plecker Center. January’s meeting does not have a speaker – it is a business meeting only – but as usual, anyone is invited to attend our meetings. See you there.

  5. Hi according to the schedule on the web site the meetings are on Friday nights, e.g. business meeting Jan 18. Can you confirm that it is the 17th? Thanks. i would like to join the club.

    • Except for January, the other meeting dates have not been updated yet – those dates are all 2017. We will get those meeting dates updated soon for this year – 2018.

    • Attendance for the January business meeting is usually no more than 20 people. Meetings with a speaker are usually between 30 and 40 people. Bring whatever snacks you like and chances are good everybody else will like them too… and thanks for volunteering! Let us know the meeting month you wish to bring snacks so we don’t end up with two people doing it in the same month (which has happened), and we’ll post your name on the meeting schedule for snacks. Thanks again Martha!

  6. I’m planning on starting a hive or two this Spring. We move to our farm in Edinburg, VA at the end of February. I’ll be working on several projects there to get us farming as soon as possible. I really want to have bees for pollination and also honey.

    I want to have a top bar hive. I’ve watched many videos on starting bees, caring for and inspecting the hives, and also harvesting. I think I can do it all… but I wouldn’t mind some expert guidance. Especially on place set-up on the farm, where to get bees and supplies, and also if there is someone local who can make the top bar hives.

    What do you recommend I do next? Because of my schedule I am not able to attend meetings on Thursdays. I’m really excited about doing keeping bees. I’ve thought about it for a long time and think bees are a much needed element to our farming adventures.

    • Matt,
      I wouldn’t suggest top bar for a first time beekeeper, they are harder to keep bees alive in, especially during the winter. There is a bee keeping supply store in Fishersville, Valley Bee Supply, I think they are still taking orders for packages and Hott Apiaries in McGaheysville may be still taking orders for packages. Both of them also have classes or workshops.

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