Honoring Rudy Tucker longtime beekeeper, teacher and mentor to many.



Honoring Rudy Tucker longtime beekeeper, teacher and mentor to many. — 18 Comments

  1. Shane Clatterbaugh is looking for a part time apiary mananger. The duties will include managing 200+ hives, record keeping, making splits/nucs, raise queens, treat, extract honey, promotion and sales. Contact Shane at 540-294-5911.

  2. I would like to get in touch with Bill Theiss to ask if he’d consider being our speaker. We are Loudoun Beekeepers Association.
    If you could give me an address to contact Bill, we’d appreciate it.
    Thank you,

  3. I am putting out the word to any beekeepers out there that I have 52 acres of unsprayed farmland just outside of Staunton. I am open to someone keeping bees here. Message me if you are interested.

    • I’m looking for a place to bring my bees from Suffolk. I’m moving to the area and renting out a basement space in Staunton.

      • Hi, Steven
        I saw this posting when looking for someone to remove a swarm from my place in Staunton. I don’t know if you’re still looking for a home for your hives, but I have a 1/3 acre in-town garden in Staunton you are welcome to use. Address: 316 E Beverley. You may be after a farmer with more acreage, but write me privately if you want to discuss. Katherine

  4. Want to collect bees out of the wall of an old house? Nelson County area. Call me for details. House being torn down this week.

    Walter & Allison
    804 475 8993
    540 849 8593

  5. Is there a beekeeper in the Shenandoah County, Toms Brook area interested in collecting a large bee hive very close to our home? Pls email if yes

  6. We just acquired used beehives and are new to beekeeping. We are looking for a swarm or a nuc. Would anyone be willing to help us with getting started? I am not sure what to do to best get started? Thank you!

    • Where are you located? You may still be able to get some nucs from Valley Bee supply in Fishersville. Swarming season is almost over so they may be hard to come by. You are welcome to come to our next regular meeting in August or the apiary field day in July.

  7. Looking to requeen a hive with a marked and mated Italian. Interested parties contact me for August 20 delivery of queen. I live east of Harrisonburg off Rt 33E. 540-568-8433 or email

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